+Our Controlled Environment Agriculture (or CEA) facility sits at the forefront of agri-tech and innovation in farming. By eliminating variables across temperature, CO2, humidity, light density, air flow, and air quality, it reduces risks associated with outdoor and greenhouse farming methods.

The headline advantages of GEMKOM’s next-gen indoor facility are precision laboratory standards, and efficiency and flexibility in terms of cultivation, cost profiles and supply chain.

Other key tech and facility design advantages include:

Productivity benefits:

Site layout ensures effective workflow through key zones, from nursery production, cloning and genetic replication, vegetation and flowering, through to harvest, drying and curing, processing and storage, all the while reducing contamination as much as possible.

Room size and building layout is focused around critical zones. Being a custom-built facility, optimal room size and design create a manageable flowering zone which is less prone to problems such as ‘scouting’ protocols. Moreover, it is less intensive on HVAC and easier to manage. It allows frequent but less intensive major events i.e. harvesting.

Our multiple level design will double sqm yield. Room and equipment design delivers consistency in airflow for all levels, which ensures consistency of growth characteristics, canopy uniformity, and cannabinoid profile.

Key points:

The primary goal of automation is to reduce human interaction with plants, eliminate human error and the duplication of processes; and to underwrite timely execution and consistency of operations. Utilising technology initially designed for cut-flower and food production, we are planning to adopt novel automation technologies to reduce large labour expenses and simultaneously suppress the risks of contamination or diversion of cannabis products.

Key points:

  • Building management system is comprised of more than 800 sensors collecting and storing data every 30 seconds
  • Data is analysed for immediate automated climate control & irrigation system corrections and stored for ongoing R&D analysis
  • High volume of sensors/instruments allows growers to remotely monitor growing conditions

In addition, our advanced purpose built HVAC system provides real-time diagnostics and data flows, enabling quick response time remotely.

This, in tandem, reduces costs and, as a result, creates price-competitive advantages downstream.

GEMKOM are committed to the smart-farming revolution, and our CEA facility in-builds capacity, seasonal flexibility and, as a result, ongoing and frictionless paths to market.