GEMKOM is a Melbourne based cannabis cultivation company aiming to drive the evolution of ‘smart farming’ in Australia. 

We have designed our first high-tech, fit-for-purpose GMP facility in regional Victoria, with a fully climate-controlled, indoor environment that will deliver high yield, high potency product using best-practices, low emissions methods and technologies. 

By leveraging the latest innovations in indoor cultivation, we aim to smooth the path from farm to pharma, delivering precision pharmaceutical grade product to the rapidly expanding global cannabis market.     

We have secured our Cultivation License from the Australian Office of Drug Control (ODC) and have established commercial partnerships to fully exploit emerging opportunities in both the cannabis and smart farming spaces. 

Our aim is to play a leading role in the development of sustainable agri-tech economies and cultivation practises, thereby helping to revive rural and regional communities by working to create and expand local and export markets for both raw and value added products. A big part of this is the creation of high skill, high value employment in host communities. 

Though this proposition is grounded in a desire to create sustainable value and returns for investors and venture partners, we also recognise that beyond shareholders there are stakeholders. These include customers, communities, employees, local councils and, significantly, the environment.